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High performance, dual channel AIS receiver, with outputs for both NMEA 0183 and USB.
The AST 200 Antenna Splitter is designed to be used with a Class B AIS transponder. The electronic controller switches between AIS and VHF transmission as required whilst protecting both units.
The Comar CSB 200 is a low cost AIS Class B Transponder designed for leisure, small commercial and, fishing boat operators enabling the vessel not only to receive AIS broadcasts for surrounding vessels but also to transmit AIS information and therefore be seen by surrounding traffic. Requires AG100 GPS antenna
Garmin's AIS 300 receiver provides an affordable solution for receiving AIS target data, giving mariners improved situational awareness and better collision avoidance.
This black box AIS transceiver allows you to receive AIS target data as well as transmit your own vessel information to other AIS receivers in your area.
This standalone AIS instrument shows AIS details on a mono screen in a radar-like display. Each target’s AIS details are also available in a table to the right of the screen.
Second generation AIS antenna splitter for use with Class B AIS transceivers and Class A & B AIS receivers. Raymarine ref A80190