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NASA MOBi Man Overboard Indicator System

NASA MOBi Man Overboard Indicator System
NASA MOBi Man Overboard Indicator System
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NASA MOBi Spare Fob - 5-Pack
NASA MOBi Man Overboard Indicator System + NASA MOBi Spare Fob - 5-Pack
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NASA MOBi Spare Fob
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Product Details
The NASA MOBi is a transponder-based Man Overboard indicator system for up to 8 crew or equipment items. The failsafe system works by sequentially interrogating each active MOBi fob. As soon as a low signal is detected from a person or object overboard, a high-itensity alarm is sounded on the base unit. The display continually refreshes the current status of all crew with name, fob signal strength and current status.
 The 3 AAA battery cells in the fobs will provide several weeks of active use, whilst the base unit draws just 100mA (or 50mA without the backlight). If the base unit is switched off, the fobs will 'hibernate' to preserve battery life.
The base system is supplied with 3 MOBi fobs - additional fobs are available separately.
Technical Specifications
• Failsafe transponder technology
• Pin code identified
• High contrast display with white backlight
• Current consumption 50mA at 12V + 50mA for backlight
• Complete with 3 MOBi fobs and batteries
• Waterproof fob uses standard AAA type batteries
• Compact display size: 150 x 112 x 42mm
• Fob weight:100 grams
• Fob dimensions 77 x 47 x 38mm max with belt clip
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